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Next Level Mobile

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개발자: Heartbeat International Inc.
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Because a file cabinet won’t fit in your pocket or purse, Next Level’s mobile app brings the power of the pro-life community’s most robust center management tool to your smartphone. Use the app in your center, take it on the go, or hand it to a client for intake wherever you meet her.

The Next Level app allows you to toggle between client and staff modes on a mobile device, so you can securely enter and update any client’s information while she’s still sitting knee-to- knee with you.

Plus, the Next Level app allows you to look up any donor’s information on the go, allowing you to make the most of divine appointments at a banquet, church parking lot or grocery store.

Designed by a team of professional healthcare software developers, Next Level closes the loop from receptionist to client, to advocate and nurse—all in real time.

Whether you’re meeting a client in your office, a church parking lot or on the go, your data is always secure and available at the tap of a finger.

Next Level also harnesses the power of big data, leveraging local and national trends to help you make the best decisions you can for the women you serve every day.

Incorporating the necessary HIPAA protections, Next Level is powered by Heartbeat International and crafted to manage pregnancy help efforts of all stripes—medical, resource, linear, mobile units, and more!

We start with your needs, envisioning the client you serve and wondering, “How can we make sure she never falls through the cracks?” And, we start with your center, “How can we save your center time, money and help you reach more women?”

While we’re pushing toward these two goals, we’ve got a larger mission in mind: “How can we make the life-affirming pregnancy help movement stronger?”

We believe it’s time to make a change. It’s time to take our movement—and your ministry’s client management—to the Next Level.